Masterclass 2020

The Úterý Organ Masterclass 2020 took place on August 24-29, 2020. The lecturer was Professor Jürgen Essl (Musikhochschule Stuttgart). The masterclass focused on the following topics:

South-German Organ Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries

Improvisation in Various Styles on Smaller Historical Instruments

The masterclass began on August 24 in the evening with a lecture by organologist Dr Petr Koukal entitled "The organ in Bohemian Lands. Any 'South-German connection'?"

The masterclass included the traditional closing concert of the participants at the St John the Baptist church in Úterý.

The Úterý Organ Masterclass 2020 was supported by the Pilsen Region, the Czech-German Fund for the Future, the Bavarian-Czech Cross-border cooperation Operational Programme Ziel ETZ and the municipality of Úterý. The masterclass is included in the project Baroque Region Bohemia Bavaria.