Organs | Úterý

The exceptionally valuable organ in the St John the Baptist church was made around 1720, probably in the workshop of the Loket organ-maker Johann Leopold Burkhardt (also Burkart, Burkhard or Burkhart). Earlier accounts attributed them to the organ-maker František Prokop Nolli (also Nolly), based in Úterý.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the organ underwent several repairs and was partially rebuilt, in the second half of the 20th century its condition deteriorated until it became completely unusable for play. Thanks to support from Norway Grants and the contributions of numerous donors, the local citizen association Bart managed to initiate their complete reconstruction, carried out in 2009-11 by the organ-maker Rudolf Valenta from Zbraslav. The work included the restoration of the original pipes, organ case, and all usable parts of the instrument. The reconstruction of the historical console brought the organ back to its original design. It has one manual with a broken octave and one pedal.

  • Manual C, D, E–c´´´
    • Copula major 8´
    • Flauta 8´
    • Principal 4´
    • Copula minor 4´
    • Fugara 4´
    • Quinta 2 2/3´
    • Octava 2´
    • Mixtura 1 1/3´ 3x
  • Pedal C, D, E, F, G, A–a
    • Subbass 16´
    • Octavbass 8´