The 2013 masterclass

In 2013, the Úterý Organ Masterclass took place from July 27 till August 4, under the supervision of lecturers Christoph Bossert and Jan Doležel of Hochschule für Musik Würzburg. The course was attended by over 20 students of music schools in the Czech Republic and Germany.

The theme for 2013 was

Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer and Johann Sebastian Bach:
Ariadne Musica and the Well-Tempered Clavier.

Besides instruction on the interpretation of these works (mainly on the instruments in Úterý and Rabštejn nad Střelou) and the exposition of their context, the course included four public concerts in Kladruby, Vejprnice, Rabštejn and Úterý.

Participation at the masterclass, accommodation (at the Penzion U Derků and in private homes) as well as transportation within the course were free of charge. The participants only paid for the meals at the local restaurant.

You may want to listen to the recordings from the closing concert, see the gallery, or read the participants' comments and the mini-interview with the lecturer, Professor Bossert.


Teaching within the masterclass followed a detailed schedule including theoretical lectures, exposition of the interpretation, as well as individual practice of the participants at the historical organ. The practice started early in the morning, most of the day till the late evening was dedicated to group instruction. On several days, the participants were divided into two groups, one of which worked in Úterý directed by Christoph Bossert, while the other one moved to Rabštejn, where the instruction was led by Jan Doležel. The course included a half-day excursion to the remarkable organ in Kladruby. A portable positive organ, a clavichord and a cembalo were available to the participants.

An interesting addition to this year's masterclass was a series of evening seminars aimed at Fischer's work Ariadne Musica. They mostly took place in the twilight of the St John the Baptist church, but one of them was organised in the candle-lit St Wenceslas chapel above Úterý, using the positive organ mentioned above. The atmosphere of concentration during these late meetings was unique.

The concerts of both lecturers and the concert of Ensemble Inégal (a Baroque music ensemble) were certainly an important part of the course for the participants. At the closing concert in Úterý, nine of the participants presented the material they studied to the public.


The Úterý Masterclass 2013 included the following concerts which attracted great public attention (according to some estimates, they were attended in total by an audience of up to 700):

27. 7. 2013 Kladruby, the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Jan Doležel

J. S. Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier Part I
and the Neumeister Chorales
the opening concert of Kladruby Summer

30. 7. 2013 Vejprnice, the church of St Adalbert
Ensemble Inégal
(a Baroque music ensemble)
Theatrum Musicum

1. 8. 2013 Rabštejn, the church of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows
Christoph Bossert
Eight musical relations of various kinds (Acht musikalische Beziehungen verschiedener Art)

3. 8. 2013 Úterý, the church of St John the Baptist
the participants of the Organ Masterclass
Czech and South-German organ music

In 2013 the masterclass was organized with the assistance of the Local Action Groups Náš region, Český Západ - Místní partnerství, Radbuza and Vladař as part of the cooperation project Skrytá bohatství aneb venkov Plzni, which is related to the initiative Plzeň 2015 European Capital of Culture. Within this initiative, the masterclass was additionally included in the project Tři týdny baroka. We are also indebted to the Czech-German Fund for the Future for their support.

Co-financed by the European Union. European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe Investing into Rural Areas.